The Panasonic G80/85 Menu System Simplified

The Panasonic G80, G85 in the USA, is a highly advanced and versatile modern digital camera in a DSLR style body.. It is a highly versatile and capable imaging tool but the user takes on a steep learning curve to get the best from it. The menu system, the heart of controlling the camera, contains some 150 main items, most of those having their own sub and sub sub menu entries This book helps you overcome that steep learning curve by going through the menu options one by one, explaining what they do and why you might want to do it. Its aim is not to teach you photography but how to use the G80/85 as a finely tuned tool for your image making. At the end of the book, I illustrate, item by item, every menu setting I use as my basic camera setup. It won't be your ideal setup but it will give you a working configuration on which to base ot. After a more than 40 years career as a professional news and magazine photographer, I went over to Micro Four Thirds camera for all my work almost as soon as they came out. I've never regretted that and I hope that with my little book you'll come to respect and admire these little jewels of camera technology as much as I do.

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Book Title: The Panasonic G80/85 Menu System Simplified

Book Author: David Thorpe

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ISBN: 1541066847